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Which Interior Style Best Suits Your Personality?

Feb 08, 2018

The best way to design any home is by choosing an interior style that ultimately reflects its owner’s personality. Even if you’re decorating your home with a partner, there’s still a way to combine both of your differing styles to form an interior design look that is truly unique to the both of you.

Have a glance at our guide to picking out the perfect interior design theme – based on your personality.

The Artist

You are creative, quiet, serious, sensitive and kind. You do not like conflict. You have well-developed senses and possess an aesthetic appreciation for beauty.

A contemporary-chic interior design look would suit you well, as it leaves room for creativity while being refined at the same time. Get the look using attractive furniture pieces from our Rosy Posy series. Then, feed your creative side with eye-catching abstract artwork like the Halos Wall Art Wooden Frame.

The Performer

People-oriented and fun-loving, you make things more exciting for others while having a keen interest in serving them. You enjoy new experiences and love to live in the moment. You are often the center of attention in social situations.

Your love for entertaining makes you suitable for a ‘Hollywood Glam’ interior theme where luxurious furniture and opulence takes centre stage. Create your personalised version using pieces from the Kelly Hoppen collection. Don’t forget to include stylish entertainment essentials and a large dining table, which will accommodate all your friends during dinner parties!

The Caregiver

You are warm-hearted and conscientious, always putting the needs of others first. You value traditions and security. You also have a strong sense of responsibility and duty.  

A rustic home design incorporates elements of tradition and offers a cosy ambience – making it the perfect theme to reflect your warm personality. To achieve this look, use natural decor including plants, wood and stone. For example, choose furniture pieces like the Versailles Extending Dining Table, Versailles Display Cabinet, and Versailles Leaning Bookcase. Then, complement your furniture with beautiful botanicals placed in our Yarn Vase.

The Inspirer

Enthusiastic, idealistic, and creative, you’re able to do almost anything that interests you. You have great people skills and live life in accordance with your inner values. You’re also open-minded and flexible, with a broad range of interests and abilities.

Your carefree and creative nature makes you suitable for the bohemian interior look. A trending style in home design and fashion, bohemian decor often features an eclectic mix of vintage furniture, globally-inspired textiles and items found during one’s travels.

Add a bohemian feel to your space using a mix of furniture and decor like the Belgravia Oat 3 Seat Sofa paired with patterned cushions and soft throws. Keep lighting soft using lanterns and hurricanes.

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