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Which Interior Design Trend Suits You Best?

Oct 09, 2017

When it comes to designing your dream home, the endless variety of interior design trends and themes make it difficult to pick just one. Should you go with impressive chandeliers for a luxurious look or stick to neutral tones and exotic prints for an urban tropical feel?

Worry not, because we’ve picked out the ideal interior design theme and home decor ideas for you – based on your Chinese zodiac animal.

The Rat - Beach Class

Quick-witted, resourceful and versatile, rats can easily adapt themselves to new environments. This year, the water element helps people born in The Year of the Rat to make a fortune, while their lucky colors include blue, gold and green. Inspired by the sea, Indigo Living’s Beach Class collection featuring nautical blues and hints of gold would be perfect!

The Dragon - Urban Chic
Attractive and charismatic, dragons are often in the company of friends and they love to travel and explore the world. They prefer modern interior design featuring straight lines and open spaces. Exuding a sophisticated look with interesting geographical pieces such as the Sculptural Telescope, the Urban Chic interior design style would appeal to many dragons.

The Monkey - Caribbean Easy

Monkeys have a large circle of friends. They are also highly intelligent, optimistic and full of energy. This year, lucky colours for monkeys include yellow and green. Their homes will benefit from good lighting, bright colours, vibrant artwork and plants for fresh air. The vibrant hues of the Caribbean Easy trend will complement a monkey’s fun personality and bring them luck at the same time!

The Ox - All White

People born in The Year of the Ox can make a great fortune with the help of a strong fire element according. They should feature ceramic items in their offices or bedrooms to bring themselves good luck, as ceramic articles are heated by fire. White is also a lucky colour for the ox, representing the calm and peacefulness that’s needed this year. Go all out with elegant white pieces such as the Ceramic Seahorse and the Audrey 3 Seater.

The Tiger - Earthy Tones

Tigers are bold, strong, courageous and charismatic. This year, the earth element will be very helpful for them. So, go for earthy interior tones and add more decor representing this element, such as a potted plants and blooms. Or, get your hands on our Stockton Planters today and bring the outdoors to you!

The Rabbit - Pretty in Pink

Rabbits are homely creatures who like being with friends and family. They are gentle, quiet, elegant and alert. The sophisticated elegance of our Pretty in Pink interior design trend will definitely suit the rabbit. Rabbits should also feature an invisible earth element like jade in their home. For good luck, place something like the Jade Bi Disc in the northeast of your bedroom.

The Snake - Caribbean Easy

Lucky colours and elements for snakes this year include gold elements, palm trees and the colour blue. This is why the Caribbean Easy trend would be perfect for those with this zodiac sign.

The Horse - Turquoise Green

Turquoise green is a beautiful colour – it’s also a lucky colour for those born in The Year of the Horse. So include pieces like the Turquoise Bamboo Runner or the Rare Garden Green Cushion Cover in your home.

The Goat - Beach Class
Those born in The Year of the Goat are elegant and refined. This year, they must rebalance by hydrating well and surrounding themselves with water in its Yin form. As blue is a lucky colour, our elegant  Beach Class  trend is most suitable.

The Rooster - Kelly Hoppen Pieces
Magnificent, flamboyant and often eccentric, the Rooster is also deeply conservative. Roosters also have a taste for luxury and fashion, which is why our Kelly Hoppen pieces would be perfect for their home.

The Dog - Country Living
Those born in The Year of the Dog are the most traditional of all the signs. As they prefer the countryside to the city, a country living interior trend featuring hints of their lucky colours – pine green and blue – would be ideal. Try pieces like the Versailles Extending Dining Table decorated with Camellia and roses.

The Pig - Pops of Yellow
People born in The Year of the Pig are concerned about the quality of their clothes as much as home decoration.. Yellow is a lucky colour for pigs this year, so add pops of yellow with pieces like the Yellow Lattice Ceramic Stool or the Hexagon Quilted Cushion Cover.