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Inspiring Dining Trends of 2017

Dec 05, 2017

Don’t let your dining table sit forgotten. Take cues from these inspiring dining and kitchen trends to create a room you and your family would actually want to eat in. Here we have six must-try trends that’ll make your dining room one of the nicest areas in the house.

1.     Mix it Up

Those days of having matching dining room sets are gone. Today, more and more people are opting for mismatched furniture styles, fabrics, and finishes for a casual and more welcoming vibe. In fact, blending different seating styles gives the room a lived-in, relaxed feel. Try out the trend by featuring a mix of Indigo Living’s Emmanuel Velvet Fabric and the Anna Dining Chair in the dining room.  

2.   Texture-on-Texture

Now’s the time to reimagine contrast, especially in your dining area. Think different variations of texture instead of sticking to just one as strong contrasting designs are slowly being replaced with more texture-on-texture designs. However, it’s less about mixing and matching textures and more on repositioning the same texture in different patterns across the area. For example, the same exact stone can be finished three ways and combined in the same space. Though the difference may be subtle, it does make a statement about your attention to detail.

3.   Accessorise

If you thought dining rooms were only reserved for eating – think again. They’re also the perfect place for conversations, so, try adding interesting decor that could be a conversation starter. This year has seen a rise in the trend of having larger-than-life mirrors, frames, and artworks in the dining space. Get on the bandwagon by hanging a few quirky yet elegant pieces in your dining room. Not only will this make a stylish statement, but it’ll also make for a great story when you explain to guests details about the pieces. Think oversized decor like Indigo Living’s Orlando Mirror or Paper Artwork Triptych

   4.    Reflective Tables

Mirrored or glass table tops are in right now – you’ll find it in every designer’s home and even on Pinterest. This could be because mirrors reflect light and have the ability to make a room seem brighter than it is. If you love modern designs or are looking to make a small or cramped dining space seem more spacious, this is the trend you should hop on to. Incorporate Indigo Living’s Noir Round Table or Sticks Oval Dining Table into the dining room for the best effect. 

Style tip: If your room is square, a round or oval table makes for a more intimate dining experience because everyone will be at an equal distance apart. Besides, its round feature also means that everyone faces the centre – so no one gets left out of a conversation!

5.    Industrial

What comes to mind when you think of the word industrial? Well, the industrial trend today is no longer what it used to be. Today, when we talk about industrial dining room trends, it usually consists of metal, marble or concrete tables like the Indigo Living’s Round Table Top-Concrete. When combined with harsh lighting, steel or concrete tables create a raw yet inviting space.

6.    Interesting Lighting

An elegant dining room is no longer defined by lavish crystal chandeliers. This year, people would rather invest in one-of-a-kind pieces like Indigo Living’s Bold Bang Gold light to make a bold statement. Your choice of light fixtures can be fashioned from anything, as unique lighting gives your home personality and character. Besides, your guests will definitely appreciate your use of the unexpected to light their meals.

Have these trends inspired you to give your dining space a makeover? Try them out today and make dinnertime more exciting.