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Beautiful Living

5 Ways to Turn Your Small Space Into a Model Home

Oct 09, 2017

It goes without saying that apartments in Hong Kong are infamously small. A regular apartment in one of the world’s most densely populated countries measure just 128 square feet – and that’s not even the smallest one you can find here! But, living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to feel cramped. Make the most of your square feet with these simple yet functional ideas on decorating small spaces.

1. Reflective Decor

The easiest way to make a room look bigger is to opt for a mirrored wall. However, if that’s too much reflection for you, you can always use a large framed mirror or stand an over-sized framed mirror against a wall. You’ll get the same effect, but with added style. When arranging your mirror, think about where the best place for it would be. Try to have it placed near a window, so it’ll reflect light from outside into your home.

Style Secret: A feature wall of framed mirrors maximises and visually enlarges your living space. Choose the Indigo Living Dorian Set of 4 Mirrors to do the job.

2. Multifunctional Pieces

When space is limited, it’s best to invest in furniture that serves multiple functions. Get an ottoman with built-in storage to tuck away trinkets and books, for a cleaner living room look. The less clutter, the more space you’ll have. Another ideal tip is to place storage boxes beneath your bed or on your dresser. Though they may sound like clunky pieces to add to a small bedroom, they do come in many sleek and modern designs such as Indigo Living’s Adra Bone Box and Shagreen Squares Box. Use this to store extra items like precious jewellery or gifts.

3. Soft Shades

While dark-coloured furniture and paint can be cool and trendy, it tends to make a room appear smaller. Instead, paint your apartment with light colours such as white, beige, cream or pale grey to keep it looking airy and bright. You can also select soft hues of blues and greens to create a calm and spacious environment.

4. Shelf it Up

You can never have too much storage space, especially if you’re living in a small apartment. However, it’s important to choose the right type of shelving. Select a floor-to-ceiling shelf because it gives a sense of scale and height as it draws the eye upwards. Open shelving creates a more spacious look, but it can also become cluttered if you have too many things. So, go for a combination of closed and open shelving like the Indigo Living’s Sloane 1 Door Bookcase. As one knick-knack can be another man’s clutter, don’t put all of your travel souvenirs and decorative pieces on display. Instead, rotate them weekly or monthly to create new looks.

5. Less is More

For smaller apartments, it’s advisable to use a few large pieces of furniture such as Kelly Hoppen’s designer Mondrian Bed Queen or Monet Sofa, instead of decorating your space with several smaller pieces. In fact, cut back on things like bulky side tables and armoires in your bedroom to give your large bed a focal point. With open space and large blocks of bright colour, the room will appear to be more spacious and appealing.

Follow these tips and transform your small apartment into a spacious model home in no time!