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Do you have big dreams for your small space? To schedule an appointment with our interior designers and bring your ideas to life, email . J en is constantly on the go. She’s a busy, full time working mum caring for her five-year-old son, three rescue cats and two rescue dogs, as well as finding time to get to the gym most mornings. But her Kennedy Town flat wasn’t providing the sanctuary, simplicity, or storage she required. She turned to Indigo Living designer Sean Lim for assistance. “ He really took into consideration the flow of the home, my everyday needs and look I wanted to achieve ” she says, “ I needed a place where I can keep things organised, so I can find what I need quickly or put things away efficiently. ” Storage was a main component of Jen’s brief, so Sean ensured that every space was fully utilised, creating extra seating within the living area’s bay window, and selecting multi-functional furniture such as the extendable dining table and storage bed. Another of Jen’s concerns was longevity—her young son needed space to grow into. Her space with low ceilings meant a bunk bed was out of the question, so Sean wisely suggested a trundle bed. That meant he could have a storage drawer for toys which could also transform into an extra bed for sleepovers when he’s older. Meanwhile, the bay- window area in his bedroom became a bedside storage area for toys which could later become a desk area for doing homework. Jen’s space was small, but she didn’t want to be confined to all white walls, so Sean chose a light colour palette for the flat—greyish blue tones in the living and dining rooms to provide a backdrop to accent colours, black highlights and touches of brass. “ I really like how Sean incorporated colour with greens, blues and dark accents throughout the space ,” says Jen, “ They don’t make the space feel smaller at all, but add personality and depth. ” Today, Jen’s home is a delight—especially her bedroom. “ I love everything about it, ” she says. The bedroom has a calm, soothing colour palette and the mirrored bedside table and lighting add a touch of feminine elegance to this room. “ The upholstered Carlton Storage Bed is fantastic, ” she says. “ I can fit so much stuff under the bed and it’s all hidden from view. I like that the headboard has removable easy- to-wash cushions, too. ” The project met Jen’s budget and strict timeline for completion, allowing the family to move back in and enjoy their new home right on schedule. The Makeover With vision and creativity, a 685 sq. ft. apartment in Kennedy Town was transformed from an uninspiring unit to a family oasis. 49 48 DESIGN STUDIO | CASE STUDY