SS22_UAE_Lookbook SPRING/SUMMER 2022 LOOKBOOK HONG KONG | SHANGHAI | DUBAI | RIYADH · Home Trends & Tips: Studio 54 and Oasis · Dining Chair Style Guide · Behind The Scenes with Cochine, niin, Bamboo Scenes, Cocoon Concept · Indigo Design Studio Story: A Mid-Levels Makeover

CONTENTS VOL. SPRING/SUMMER 2022 3 Studio 54 Living ................................................. 04 Cochine................................................................ 10 Studio 54 Dining ............................................... 12 SS22 Accessory Must Haves ........................... 14 Studio 54 Bedroom ......................................... 17 Bamboo Scenes ................................................. 18 Downtown Dubai .............................................. 20 Oasis Living ........................................................ 22 1. Podium Console, Black 061734NOABLA AED 2,995 2. Glamour Vase 066584NOAPNK AED 380 3. Queen Round Accent Tray 066586NOAPNK AED 420 4. Glamour Trinket Boat 066583NOAPNK AED 470 5. King Square Accent Tray 066585NOAPNK AED 420 6. Cyan Glass Table Lamp Grey 066520NOALGY AED 1,290 7. Dolce Crystal Bookends, Green 066161NOAGRN AED 660 8. Variegato Vase, Low 066258SMLMCO AED 520 9. Glamour Oblong Tray, Large 066582LRGGOL AED 470 10. Felix Lacquered Box 066544NOARED AED 680 Cushion Craftmanship ..................................... 25 Oasis Moment . .................................................. 26 niin ....................................................................... 28 Oasis Dining ....................................................... 30 Dining Chairs Style Guide ............................... 32 Nude Bedroom x Indigo Living ...................... 34 Furniture Rental ................................................. 39 © 2022 Indigo Living Limited. All rights reserved TERMS AND CONDITIONS While every effort is made to ensure all prices, colours and dimensions are correct there may be some discrepancies +/- 5% and can be subject to change. 3 4 8 6 5 2 7 1 9 10

STUDIO 54 | LIVING Studio 54 Go bold and happily go home to this striking, statement making Spring Summer trend that will be sure to have you smiling the moment you walk through the door. This inspired 70’s trend is fun, bright and gives a contemporary update to familiar retro shapes and patterns. Colour-blocking, oversized artworks, curvaceous furnishings and rich velvets create a full feast for the eyes that will inspire you to get that party started! 1. Harel Table Lamp 066532NOAWHI AED 1,944 2. Bludow Vase, Low 066243SMLBLU AED 350 3. Origami Sideboard 066988LRGBLA AED 4,244 4. Variegato Vase, Tall 066258LRGMCO AED 790 5. Leon Occasional Chair 066910NOAWHI AED 5,290 6. Quirina Crystal Vase, Tall 066176LRGCHP AED 940 7. Quirina Crystal Vase, Low 066176SMLCHP AED 680 8. Leon Side Table 066809SMLLBL AED 1,790 9. Godric Floor Lamp 066528NOAGOL AED 3,784 10. Xenos Bar Cart 056139NOABLA AED 2,300 11. Siena Marble Top Coffee Table 065569NOAWHI AED 6,590 12. Tarlo Ceiling Lamp 066518NOAGOL AED 2,990 13. Neo Red Art 80x80 066575NOADRD AED 4,244 14. Neo Navy Art 80x80 066575NOADBL AED 4,244 15. Popson Cushion Cover, Orange 50x30cm 067069SMLMCO AED 190 16. Arya Cushion Cover, Orange 50x50cm 067070LRGMCO AED 230 17. Popson Cushion Cover, Orange 50x50cm 067069LRGMCO AED 230 18. Studio 3 Seat Sofa, Blue Velvet 0662243SEBLU AED 7,500 19. Roden Table Lamp 066531NOAGOL AED 1,484 20. Aviary Side Table 061963NOABLA AED 3,090 21. Sal Pouf 060347SMLWHI AED 1,390 22. Coral Blue Rug 066869LRGBUW AED 9,189 4 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 19 21 11 10 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20 22 5 4

You’ll be spoilt for choice and options with Studio 54 with its plethora of mix & match elements from glass surfaces, ceramics, popping colours and gunmetal blacks and golds to reflective and matte surfaces. The unique mix of bold elements seamlessly come together thanks to softer elements such as the wool rugs, boucle fabrics, curved patterns and rounded edges. MORE IS MORE 1. Godric Floor Lamp 066528NOAGOL AED 3,784 2. Leon Occasional Chair 066910NOAWHI AED 5,290 3. Lucida Ripple Box, Amber 066157SMLAMB AED 580 4. Lucida Ripple Box, Blue 066157LRGBLU AED 730 5. Palm Side Table 065554NOABRA AED 1,990 6. Brunus Candle Holder, Large, White 054649LRGWHI AED 420 7. Brunus Candle Holder, Small, White 054649SMLWHI AED 370 8. Dolce Crystal Bookends, Green 066161NOAGRN AED 660 9. Origami Sideboard 066988LRGBLA AED 4,244 10. Rowley Lacquered Box 066545NOABLU AED 680 11. Bludow Vase, Low 066243SMLBLU AED 350 12. Bludow Vase, Tall 066243LRGBLU AED 470 STUDIO 54 | LIVING 13. Queen Round Accent Tray 066586NOAPNK AED 420 14. Glamour Vase 066584NOAPNK AED 380 15. Axis Ornament. Small 054656SMLGOL AED 420 16. Axis Ornament, Medium 054656MEDGOL AED 470 17. Quirina Crystal Vase, Tall 066176LRGCHP AED 940 18. Quirina Crystal Vase, Low 066176LSMLCHP AED 680 19. Shillo Tissue Box, Sea Blue 066159NOABLU AED 470 2 3 4 1 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 18 19 14 15 16 17 8 7 6

STUDIO 54 | LIVING Studio 54 is all about fun, bold shapes, colour and glints of gold. Get into that retro glam mood with our neo geometrical artworks paired with some bright, abstract cushions. Elevate that glam vibe with gold accessories and trimmings and to truly make your room shine, don’t forget to get into the groove and place some circular, globe lights around the room (we’re big fans of the unique U-shaped Godric Floor Lamp!). GET THE LOOK 1. Neo Red Art 066575NOADRD AED 4,244 2. Neo Navy Art 066575NOADBL AED 4,244 3. Scale Whisky Set 056284NOACLE AED 1,050 4. Popson Cushion Cover, Blue 50x50cm 067069LRGBLU AED 230 5. Arya Cushion Cover, Blue 50x50cm 067070LRGBLU AED 230 6. Popson Cushion Cover, Blue 50x30cm 067069SMLBLU AED 190 7. Studio 3 Seat Sofa, Blue Velvet 0662243SEBLU AED 7,500 8. Cameron Coffee Table 066263NOAWHI AED 7,990 Neo Navy Art 066575NOADBL AED 4,244 Godric Floor Lamp 066528NOAGOL AED 3,784 Xenos Bar Cart 056139NOABLA AED 2,300 Popson Cushion Cover, Blue, 50x50cm 067069LRGBLU AED 230 Meet Our Studio Sofa Steal the spotlight with this Studio 3-seater sofa in bold, eye catching blue. This Tuxedo style sofa with high, slightly curved arms and straight back brings a clean, contemporary look into your living space. Sleek line detailing complements the plush, rich blue velvet for a soft, stylish yet comfortable look. 1 3 2 5 6 4 8 7 9 8

Behind the Scenes with Cochine Founder, Kat e Crof ton-Atkins Why did you start Cochine? When I created our first Cochine fragrances, my aim was to bring the inescapable romance of the tropics and the unique scents and oils I had discovered in Asia to customers around the world. We use flowers from places undiscovered by most fragrance houses to create scents that are really distinctive. What are 3 words you'd use to describe the brand? Evocative, chic, timeless. How do you come up with the ideas for your fragrances? My travels around south east Asia are what inspire each scent - I love finding new and different flowers and oils and using them in fragrance to transport people to a particular place, feeling or time of day. The jasmine we use in our White Jasmine & Gardenia scent for example is called Champa Jasmine and is from southern Vietnam and I used to smell it every morning when I cycled to the bakery at the end of our street in Saigon. Each of the key notes in our fragrances is inspired by life in the tropics, and designed to transport you to faraway places. It usually takes up to two years for us to develop a new fragrance from initial inspiration to the final scent. There are many stages involved to ensure that each note compliments each other and that each scent has a real sense of uniqueness. What are your top tips on using fragrances at home? I actually love to mix different scented products in the same room, so I might have a rich, woody diffuser in our living room like our Agarwood & Amber, which is a beautiful scent for these colder months, and then light a lovely white floral candle like White Jasmine & Gardenia to give a burst of floral notes. I tend to light a candle for an instant burst of fragrance whereas our diffusers are perfect for long-lasting scents. I also switch round fragrances according to the time of year so I’ll have more warming woody fragrances at this time of year and then switch to lighter, floral scents as it gets warmer. What are your best-sellers? White Jasmine & Gardenia is a consistent best seller for us as it is our signature scent. Water Hyacinth & Lime Blossom is another popular scent as it is truly unique to Cochine and is very reminiscent of the scents of the tropics. We have a limited edition Holiday candle, Orange Amère & Star Anise, which we bring out each year between October and December and this is always a best seller for us as it’s so distinctively ‘Holiday’ and yet not like any other Holiday candle. What was the inspiration behind the design of your iconic packaging? I decided how I wanted the packaging to look very early on- I wanted to find something to recreate the beautiful shagreen accessories and furniture that I’d discovered and fallen in love with in Vietnam- and I found this faux shagreen paper which captured this perfectly. I also knew I wanted to incorporate a beautiful celadon green to reflect the pale green shutters of our house in Saigon. I loved the idea of using a tassel with the special knot design as I thought this was very uniquely Asian and very different to anything I’d seen before. I love that people re-use our Cochine boxes for years to come- as storage boxes, pencil pots, make up pots- and even re-use our candle glasses and diffuser bottles as make up brush pots and bud vases. COCHINE 11 10

Studio 54 Dining Room Dine, dance and entertain the nights away amidst bold abstract patterns, transparent surfaces, golden accessories and mirrored furniture. Coral colours bounce off reflective surfaces to create a colourful, playfully elegant room full of light and glittering golden accessories. STUDIO 54 | DINING Auden Dining Chair 052401NOAGRY AED 2,300 Belvedere Chair, White 048560NOAWHI AED 1,040 1. Colour Contour Art 80x80 066604NOAWHB AED 3,439 2. Roden Table Lamp 066531NOAGOL AED 1,484 3. Tangier 2 Door Sideboard BY1308005 AED 13,650 4. Myles Hurricane, Small 066512SMLGOL AED 790 5. Myles Hurricane, Large 066512LRGGOL AED 1,000 6. Riley Pendant Lamp, Black 065610NOABLA AED 2,220 Bindy Chair, Grey 066241NOAGRY AED 2,590 Waterfall Dining Table 061724SMLGOL AED 6,290 (Marble table top also avaliable) The new, sought-after, Waterfall Dining Table with its circular, gold finished ‘water falling’ base pairs perfectly with the curved back and arms of the deep seated Bindy Chair. To open up a smaller dining room opt for the best-selling Belvedere with its open cut-away, relaxed back or for a touch of colour we suggest going for the Tyson Green. Alternatively for a more formal feel you can’t go wrong with the sophisticated Auden’s high back and brass, squared legs. Lastly. keep your drinks on stand-by (to save you walking back and forth from the kitchen) with the compact, slim and trim Rory Acrylic Bar Cart. GET THE LOOK 7. Bindy Chair, Grey 066241NOAGRY AED 2,590 8. Waterfall Dining Table 061724SMLGOL AED 6,290 9. Morton Marble Footed Tray 066164NOAWHI AED 630 10. Coral Pink Rug 066870LRGPNK AED 7,990 11. Pinapple Ice Bucket 066513NOAGOL AED 520 1 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 2 4 3 13 12

SPRING/SUMMER 2022 Accessory Must-Haves Designers, Editors And Influencers From Around The World Have Their Say Stephany Hanna Step Into Detail Mayo Wo Fashion Blogger ANora Sulaiman NWII.III Interiors Zainab Kazmi Studio Graffiti Design stepintodetail @mellowmayo nw_2.3 @Studiograffitidesign " Artsy and delightful, as well as perfect storage for my pretty little accessories. I'm especially drawn by the golden ripple touch that exudes luxe." " Give your favourite blooms a stylish home with this stunning vase." " This subtle cushion cover is irresistible and a perfect touch to your home decor, making any room feel on trend, and glamourous yet comfortable." " You can't go wrong with this beautiful decorative marble oval bowl." " I love all things terrazzo, and the colour blocking with a pop of cerulean is such a mood booster." " The emerald crystals are the epitome of whimsical sophistication. it will be a great addition to your shelfie game." Resplen Bone Storage Box 066589NOANAT AED 940 Alice Taper Candle Holder Duo 066587NOAGOL AED 240 Popson Cushion Cover, Orange 50x50cm 067069LRGMCO AED 230 " I love to style coffee tables and I always struggle finding the right tray. Something small, minimal and practical at the same time always works well." " I don't want to sound like Marie Kondo but decluttered surfaces make me happy! This pretty box comes to the rescue, it is perfect to hide inside your keys, or jewelry or others." " When I see this piece, it reminds me of Yin and Yang. Aren't we all tired of your typical candle holders? I love them as they don't only hold candles, but when you place them in a room they'll add aesthetic value along with balancing chi energy." " I love this cushion for its colours. Colours can make or break a room by being either overwhelming or bringing the right hues to a space. This cushion brings just the right shades to the room. Also, if you look up close, the stitching is crafted in an elegant manner making it a collectable piece." Glamour Oblong Tray, Small 066582SMLGOL AED 260 Lucida Ripple Box, Amber 066157SMLAMB AED 580 Variegato Vase, Tall 066258LRGMCO AED 790 Infinite Cushion Cover, 50x50cm 067067LRGMCO AED 230 Rainforest Marble Trinket Bowl 066595NOAGRN AED 450 Luna Inlaid Tray 066220NOAMCO AED 3,506 Dolce Crystal Bookends, Green 066161NOAGRN AED 660 SS22 ACCESSORY MUST-HAVES 15 14

Studio 54 Bedroom Swirl into serene, sleepless slumber with the calming Studio 54 Bedroom that blends and weaves hues of blues into a calming dreamscape complete with luxurious sheets, soft rugs and sleek piano lacquer bedroom furniture. 1. River Artwork, Meander 066369NOAPTL AED 5,509 2. Lockus Cushion Cover, Blue 50x50cm 067066LRGBLU AED 230 3. Infinite Cushion Cover, Blue 50x50cm 067067LRGMCO AED 230 4. Remi Cushion Cover, Blue 60x35cm 067065MEDBLU AED 210 5. Andrea Queen Bed, Cambridge Velvet 061741QNNLBL AED 10,450 6. Yale Bone Inlay Photo Frame 5x7 066725NOABLU AED 260 7. Gianni Table Lamp, White 066523NOAWHI AED 1,254 8. Lincoln Bedside Table 056595NOAGRY AED 4,100 9. Serica Velvet Quilt, Grey 056247NOAGRY AED 1,600 10. Melrose Blue Wool Rug 060671LRGBLU AED 5,770 Madelon de Grave Bamboo Scenes @madelondegrave Ghada_alhusan @Ghada_alhusan STUDIO 54 | BEDROOM " A home that triggers your senses visually and through a charming scent is what I adore. This candle collection inspired by exotic travels and stories, triggers my sense of sight and smell! I love the design and the mix of fragrances used for the Spider Orchid & Eastern Bamboo Candle, bringing me back to that mysterious feeling of magical nights in the jungle." " Gathering with close friends happens best with a good bottle of wine and an excellent selection of cheese. To me, this raw wooden tray goes one step further with its minimalistic design and focus on quality materials, combining aesthetics and priceless functionality." Spider Orchid & Eastern Bamboo Candle 066414NOABLU AED 288 Luna Wood and Pebble Tray 066221NOABRO AED 3,012 Ghada Alhussan Halyon Global " This decorative ornament is the perfect finishing touch to any contemporary home. Pair it with more home accessories to style your living space." " Perfect for keeping your jewellery, trinkets or or other small items inside, it also makes a lovely gift for your loved one." Peaceful Sculpture, Large 066173LRGBLA AED 575 Luna Wood and Pebble Box 066218NOABRO AED 1,691 Luna Inlaid Photo Frame 5x7" 066219NOAMCO AED 1,248 " Perhaps I am biased, but to me a good home has those special photo memories to bring you back to some unforgettable moments. And such a special picture requires a good home around it too. I love the colourful and earthy patterns of this photo frame with a touch of luxury, helping to enhance the photograph carefully put inside." 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 10 9 6 17 16

On The Scene with Bamboo Scenes Made lon de Grave Meet Founder of Bamboo Scenes Tell us a bit about yourself and background? I’m originally from the Netherlands and with Indonesian roots. From a young age, I developed a strong appetite to discover the world and a desire to always follow my heart. After a series of transformative experiences around the world - with two years in Guatemala, a stretch in Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Shanghai and more - I eventually arrived in Hong Kong in 2015. Driven by my passion for photography and storytelling, I felt the need to offer a more accessible way for art enthusiasts around the world to engage with Hong Kong’s vibrant art scene. It was then that the idea of Bamboo Scenes was born. Tell us about Bamboo Scenes and what inspired you? I founded Bamboo Scenes in 2017 as a Hong Kong-based curator of exceptional local photography art. With our collection of highly curated photography art prints, art enthusiasts around the world can discover Hong Kong through the eyes of the most exciting local artists, and acquire a piece of art that truly speaks to them. Each art print is a limited edition of 50 and is made using certified Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper. Our custom frames are all handmade to order and come in three colours (Black, White, and Natural Wood). My inspiration comes from unfolding stories and working alongside creatives who pursue their passion in life. And to truly appreciate art, I believe you have to go beyond the visual to create a compelling, emotional connection. With specially crafted videos and written content, we aim to tell the stories and push the boundaries of what people think photography art can be. Can you tell us about the 2 latest photographers that will be featured at Indigo Living? I am very excited to see Bamboo Scenes partner with Indigo Living, a fantastic homegrown brand, to create a truly immersive art experience. For our second exhibition with Indigo Living, we BAMBOO SCENES Find Bamboo Scenes Photography Art at INDIGO LIVING, Mid-Levels - Shop B2, G/F, 63-69 Caine Road will be featuring two amazing photography artists from Hong Kong - landscape photographer Kelvin Yuen and urban artist Vivien Liu. Kelvin Yuen his focus is on capturing the city’s rugged wilderness from places like Sai Kung, Tsing Yi, the Eagle’s Nest Nature Trails, and the Peak. He won his first award, in the Young Division of the 2015 National Geographic Photo Contest, at just 19 with a captivating nightscape shot from Kowloon Peak. He is best known for his stunning nightscape image “Magical Night”, that won him the 2020 International Landscape Photographer of the Year award. Vivien Liu channeled her love of architecture into a passion for photographing the urban scenes of cities around the world. She has a unique perspectives of one of the world’s most built-up cities. In 2016, she founded Studio UNIT, an architecture, interior, and portrait photography studio, through which she has worked with international clients like Nikon, Leica, Jack Daniels, American Express, and Huawei. How do you select / find your photographers? What do you look for? We put a lot of emphasis on curating an exceptional collection of photography art, and that’s why we work with an exclusive selection of artists. Not only do we try to curate photography art prints that capture the essence of Hong Kong, but we look for artists and artworks that have a story to tell. That’s why all of our eight award-winning artists are professionals who have honed their own unique styles and become pioneers in their field. Lastly, tell us 1 secret find in Hong Kong ? My secret find in Hong Kong is definitely picturesque but more importantly… it is tasty! One of my favourite places to experience Hong Kong is at Sing Heung Yuen, a “dai pai dong” tucked away on Mee Lun Street in Central. With small chairs and tables set out on the pavement, the ladies running the space always make me feel at home and offer me the most genuine experience I ever had in the city. First Highlights of Hong Kong Artists Elaine Li & Kevin Mak exhibited at Prince's Building 19 18

Downtown Dubai Indigo is pleased to team up again with Sonder providing a complete end-to-end FF&E (Furniture, furnishings, and equipment) service, this Sonder project portfolio in Dubai, adding on to their exquisite short-term rentals and apartments. This latest downtown addition consists of 301 units, comprising 2-to-3-bedroom apartments, ranging between 1,900 and 2,400 Transform your home and book your deisgner at INDIGO PROJECTS PORTFOLIO | DOWNTOWN DUBAI square feet proving to be an ambitious project for Sonder and Indigo. In the past Indigo Living had worked with Sonder to design its JBR Suites, a 164-unit property located at the Jumeirah Beach Residence, which has been open to guests for over a year. The themes used are an inspirational mix of the cultural heritage of Dubai that ties with the ultramodern architecture that the city is iconic for. The use of opal rugs and home decor is carefully chosen and is interspersed amongst the warm neutral greys to create a sophisticated look. Light toned wooden furnishings perfectly compliment the neutral grey, and the use of darker tones that let those pieces act as focal points. Indigo partners with Sonder embarking on a new project in the bustling downtown of Dubai. Creating stylish and chic interiors to match the modern aesthetic of UAE’s metropolis. 21 20

Escape the noise, look inwards and focus on self-care in your own sophisticated, soothing Oasis. This nature inspired trend brings the calm, inspiring beauty of the outdoors in with soft, light greens and blues, muted tones and blends them luxe natural materials such as stone, marbles, linen, woven textures and a hint of brass. Oasis 1. Podium Bookcase, Black 061733NOABLA AED 5,495 2. Naomi Ceiling Lamp, Large 066524LRGAMB AED 909 3. Naomi Ceiling Lamp, Small 066524SMLAMB AED 679 4. Naomi Ceiling Lamp, Medium 066524MEDAMB AED 794 5. Handmade Linen Art - U 066570NOAGRN AED 1,944 6. Handmade Linen Art - H 066570NOADGN AED 1,944 7. Juniper Glass Vase Tall 065449LRGGRN AED 500 8. Juniper Glass Vase Low 065449SMLGRN AED 310 9. Finley Armchair 060801NOATAN AED 6,495 10. Golden Carlee Table Lamp 066529NOAGOL AED 1,484 11. Ballast Marble Side Table 066630NOAWHI AED 1,890 12. Zeni Strip Cushion Cover, Green 50x50cm 067072LRGGRN AED 210 13. Arya Cushion Cover, Orange 50x50cm 067070LRGMCO AED 230 14. Popson Cushion Cover, Orange 50x50cm 067069LRGMCO AED 230 15. Pixel Zigzag Cushion Cover, Moss 50x50cm 067071LRGGRN AED 210 16. Timo Vase, Large Gold 066175LRGGOL AED 1,000 17. Timo Vase, Small Silver 066175SMLSIL AED 840 OASIS | LIVING 18. Franklin 2 Seater, Old Saddle Nut Leather 0661442SETAN AED 16,089 19. Prado Coffee Table 065570LRGCLE AED 2,290 20. Prato Side Table 065570SMLCLE AED 1,990 21. Lille 3 Seater, Dress Stone 0661423SEIVO AED 8,499 22. Pixel Zigzag Cushion Cover, Grey 50x50cm 067071LRGDGY AED 210 23. Modern Green Rug, 300x200cm 066868LRGGRN AED 9,189 7 1 2 3 5 8 12 13 10 11 9 4 6 8 16 14 19 22 23 20 21 15 18 17 23 22

CUSHIONS CRAFTMANSHIP Over the years our on-trend, sought-after, embroidered cushions have become part of the Indigo DNA. Each season we have around 40 new designs! We’re often asked about the story behind them, so have put together a few fun and interesting facts about the story behind our designs and where they come from. CRAFTED CUSHIONS 1 Most of our cushions are crafted in India. The designs and patterns you see come from a mix of our in-house designers who develop patterns based on our upcoming home trends; and also from our long-term partners in India who draw their inspiration from traditional Indian arts and contemporary geometrics. 3 Cushion covers, especially the beaded pieces, can take up to 10 hours per piece to create. 2 The embroidery on the cushions employ century old Indian techniques and the stunning beaded work is done by hand by experienced, individual craftsmen – making each one slightly unique. 4 From concept to store our cushions can take up to 70- 80 days to produce. We work on the designs & mix of colours, then pick the threads and dyes which are then produced in India. They then go through a quality check before getting on a plane and into our stores. 1. Caron Floor Lamp Large 066538LRGASH AED 3,094 2. Geo Line Art 95x95 066395NOABUW AED 5,509 3. Sebastian Sideboard, Marble Top 060007NOABRO AED 8,039 4. Circa Marble Side Table, Black 053635NOABLA AED 3,990 5. Lark Occasional Chair 066909NOANAT AED 5,290 6. Hatch Rug 220x160cm 066867SMLMCO AED 5,394 1 2 3 4 5 6 25 24

1. Peaceful Sculpture, Small 066173SMLBLA AED 420 2. Alton Car Decor 066507SMLSIL AED 310 3. Spinning Top Ornament 066168NOAWHI AED 470 4. Yale Bone Inlay Trinket Tray 066233NOABLU AED 350 5. Oxford Glass Vase, Low 065447SMLBLU AED 350 6. Ocula Tealight Holder, Amber 055725SMLORA AED 100 7. Rainforest Marble Trinket Bowl 066595NOAGRN AED 450 8. Giraffe Sculpture, Tall 066508LRGABR AED 370 9. Giraffe Sculpture, Low 066508SMLABR AED 260 10. Peaceful Sculpture, Large 066173LRGBLA AED 630 11. Ocula Tealight Holder, Navy 055725SMLBLU AED 100 12. Alice Taper Candle Holder Duo 066587NOAGOL AED 240 13. Nyla Taper Candle Holder Duo 066588NOABRA AED 240 14. Amora Glass Vase 065448NOAORA AED 210 15. Harvester Ant Duo Bowl 066593NOABLA AED 310 16. Harvester Ant Ornament, Antique 066594NOAABR AED 140 17. Harvester Ant Ornament, Black 066594NOABLA AED 140 18. Crease Petal Platter Set of 3 066592NOAGOL AED 450 19. George Car Decor 066507LRGBLA AED 400 20. Ulisse Sculpture 066172NOAGOL AED 450 21. Ginko Duo Leaf Tray 066213NOAGOL AED 450 22. Yale Bone Inlay Box, Small 066232SMLBLU AED 932 23. Yale Bone Inlay Box, Large 066232LRGBLU AED 1,210 24. Tiger Marble Bookends 066514NOAGRN AED 840 25. Oxford Glass Vase, Tall 065447 AED 580 26. Ocula Tealight Holder, Smoke 055725SMLBRO AED 100 27. Resplen Bone Storage Box 066589NOANAT AED 940 The model’s wardobe and styling was provided courtesy of Emma Wallace at OASIS | MOMENTS Nude VanityTable 066125NOASAN AED 16,089 Becca Chair 059107NOAWHI AED 940 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 12 14 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 15 16 17 19 18 20 12 13 13 11 10 27 26

The Secret Behind 's Stunning, sustainable accessories Jeanine Behind the scenes with niin’s founder and creator Tell us a bit about yourself? I studied Fashion Design at Central St Martins in the UK and gained experience working with the Vienna costume workshops for the Burgtheater and the Salzburg Festivals as well as with such brands as Vivienne Westwood, Bora Aksu and Warren Noronha. I started the niin brand offically in 2009 once I moved back to HK from London to be with my family, and enjoy the fast pace of HK life. How did you come to start NIIN? What was your journey? After seeing the amount of waste the fashion industry created first hand, I decided it was time for change and started niin to offer people more sustainable, environmentally-friendly fashion. I wanted the key ethos behind the brand to be to ‘tread lightly on the earth’ and sought to create artisan jewellery that combines natural materials and a light environmental footprint. How do you come up with your designs and where do you find inspiration? I'm very much inspired by the materials that I come across that are either discarded or found. Having said that my fashion design background plays a big part in my design process and aesthetic. I like combining new materials wherever possible. How long do your boxes and trays take to make from concept to production? Generally from the moment I first sketch some ideas to the first production delivery it's about 5 months depending on the location of the craftsmen. NIIN How are your pieces produced? If I have sourced the raw materials, Ill sketch designs accordngly and give the materils to the makers to re-work into and add the elements missing. We have a few workshops who help to make the different styles, depending on my designs so Ill spend a lot of time co-ordinating between them too to get the finished pieces to a finish which is 'up to scratch.' Where do you usually find and source your materials such as abalone and wood? Other than these 2 what other materials do you like to work with? The abalone shells are sourced from HK restaurants and the driftwood is found on various beaches around Asia. There is a community of fishermans wives also in the philippines who help to source the driftwood. You can't design jewellery without enjoying working with precious metals, and gemstones as well of course! Which charities do you support and why? niin works with various charities to raise awareness and funds for environmental causes including the likes of WWF Hong Kong, The Nature Conservancy, Cuipo, Bloom, Plastic Oceans, and The Shark Foundation; as well as local Hong Kong charities including The Women’s Foundation, and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation. Through our work I hope to continue to spread a message of positivity and the importance of protecting and preserving the environment and our global community. Describe yourself in 3 words? I'll choose: CREATIVE, SPONTANEOUS, OPEN (positive and negative!) Can you share any exciting things you have planned for 2022? Yes - this year we are expanding our homewares range after such a positive reaction to the first pieces. We're also introducing more gentle / lab-grown diamonds into the range and we're continuing to ensure that we're working with the most sustainable materials and processes we can find. 29 28

Oasis Dining Room Relax, eat and unwind in the Oasis. This organic look is all about balance with natural dark woods that contrast with light recycled pine and matte black accessories which are brought to life with luxe, brass touches. Tableware accessories complete the look in textured linens, light marbles and neutral ceramics. OASIS | DINING Made from recycled pine the Delamere Sideboard is full of rustic charm. Use in a living or dining room to showcase and store your accessories and tableware. MEET DELAMERE Pair your Brookline Table with the elegant Tanner chair in a refreshing, soothing soft blue velvet or for a richer, luxe feel opt for the striking Petrol Blue Velvet option. Dress your table with the Jewel Rim Dinner Set's geometric design which offers classic timeless appeal and pair it with our decorative, white embroidered placements and matching napkins which are everyday essentials and complement a variety of looks. GET THE LOOK 1 5 6 7 8 2 4 3 10 9 1. Moderna Table Lamp 052875NOABLA AED 5,508.5 2. Line on the Yellow 95x95 066394NOAYEL AED 1,290 3. Delamere Sideboard 061972NOANAT AED 5,190 4. Black Bronze Ceiling Light 066525NOABLA AED 1,944 5. Morton Marble Footed Tray 066164NOAWHI AED 630 6. Shira Tall Vase 060146LRGWHI AED 370 7. Brookline Dining Table 060818NOABLA AED 4,495 8. Calla Lily Globe Arrangement 067086NOAWHI AED 1,450 9. Tanner Chair, Petrol 061789NOAGRN AED 1,790 10. Drift Blue Rug 300x200cm 066871LRGBLU AED 9,189 Delamere Sideboard 061972NOANAT AED 5,190 31 30

Dining Chairs From long lazy breakfasts, casual lunches and elegant dinner parties to game nights and working from home, the dining room has become the heart and epicenter of most homes. While the dining table usually takes priority when selecting your key feature, dining chairs shouldn’t be an afterthought. Here are a few top tips on how to create that perfect gathering spot and a guide to some of our most popular chairs. 1 MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE Our no.1 tip is to measure and not just eye ball or guess the space you need. Consider how many chairs you’ll have around the table, what will fit and if you’re going for a chair with arm rests – measure the height of these! A general guide is : 25.5cm of leg space (the space between the seat and the dining table) and 60 cm of width space for each guest, as well as 60cm of space behind to allow your guests to get in and out. If you’re going for a circular dining table be cautious of squeezing too many seats around it - it will easily look over crowded. Or if you have a large table, ensure you have enough seats. Remember, it’s all about balance. 3 MATCHED-UP OR MIS-MATCHED Choosing your chair arrangement can help define your style. Mismatched chairs work great with an industrial, vintage or electic dining room table and look. For smaller spaces, go for benches or dining chairs without arms. However, for something more elegant and easy to manage we recommend to have matching chairs. 2 MATERIAL MATTERS Upholstered chairs are always on trend and can range from luxe and plush velvets to practical, easy to clean fabrics. Consider your family and what works well in your household. Got cats? Opt for more durable chairs with metal, brass or wooden legs. Young children? Think easy to wipe down materials like leathers and washable fabrics. Either way, there are a variety of materials out there to suit your needs. DINING CHAIR STYLE GUIDE 1. Anna Dining Chair The Anna is easy and cosy with its elegantly casual fabric legs and comfy seat. 051185NOAGRY AED 1,360 6. Tanner Chair, Petrol Bold and rich with its velvet fabric and brass legs, the Tanner is a striking choice that will elevate your room and have your guests talking. 061789NOAGRN AED 1,790 7. Clark Two-Tone Dining Chair, Grey Featuring smooth monochromatic lines and a rich, sophisticated grey in two tones, The Clark Dining Chair brings a contemporary yet classic look to your dining room. 066267NOAGRY AED 730 8. Auden Dining Chair Brass Leg Clean and neat lines combine with elegant brass accents in a tasteful, comfortable, luxe chair. 052401NOAGRY AED 2,300 10. Lewis Orange Velvet Chair The refined Lewis Velvet Dining Chair sits atop a set of elegant long brass tone legs and is finished in plush velvet to elevate this designer look and add colour to your space. 056060NOAORA AED 935 9. Bindy Chair, Grey The Bindy Dining Chair features a curved backrest and elevated armrests and offers plenty of comfort and support. 066241NOAGRY AED 2,590 5. Allen Chair, Two Tone Grey The Allen Chair in two tone Grey, features a Light grey front and darker grey back, with slim metal legs. This stylish chair makes a subtle statement and is easy to mix and match with. 061788NOAGRY AED 1,879.5 2. Harlequin Grey Chair The quilted back and seat on the Harlequin Grey dining chair with its contrasting legs gives this casual chair a contemporary uplift. 055133NOAGRY AED 1,040 3. Belvedere Chair, Charcoal A thoughtfully crafted sculpted frame resting on tapered, brass accented legs and an upholstered cut-out back rest makes this a sophisticated choice. 048560NOACHA AED 1,150 4. Becca Chair The Becca White Quilted Dining Chair combines a classic and luxurious white padded fabric over a clean and pure dining chair shape – perfect for a minimal and serene look. 059107NOAWHI AED 940 Indigo Style Guide : A Chair For Every Occasion 1 2 9 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 13 33 32

NUDE with Natasha Introducing the exclusive Nude Bedroom Range by renowned, award-winning HK Designer Natasha O. Usher in collaboration with Indigo Living MEET NATASHA Founder and Design Principal of nude design, Natasha O. Usher, is a graduate in Interior Architecture and Ergonomics from the US with a minor in Art History. She has worked with some of the most influential international architectural and brand design firms prior to setting up her own design consultancy. She continues to work with top reputable developers in Asia in mixed use spaces from hospitality, residential developments, schools and F&B interiors which closely involves custom project design furniture. NUDE BEDROOM X INDIGO LIVING 1. Nude King Bed 066120KNGGRY AED 16,089 2. Nude Bedside Table 066124NOASAN AED 9,189 3. Nude Bench with Cushion 066122NOASAN AED 10,799 4. Lyla Pendant Lamp 065611NOAGOL AED 2,490 5. Cali I, 63x83cm 066384NOAGOL AED 5,509 6. Cali II, 63x83cm 066385NOABLA AED 5,509 7. Lanford Cushion Cover, 50x50cm 067083LRGGOL AED 240 8. Lanford Cushion Cover, Beaded 50x30cm 067083SMLGOL AED 240 9. Starburst Cushion Cover, Gold 50x50cm 067082LRGGOL AED 260 10. Quinn Table Lamp 065602NOAGOL AED 1,295 11. Black Agate Jewel Bone Box 066590NOANAT AED 500 12. Felix Lacquered Box 066544NOARED AED 680 2 3 12 4 5 6 9 11 8 7 1 10 35 34

1. Desert in the Dark 83x63cm 066386NOASAB AED 5,509 2. Caia Table Lamp 066533NOAWHI AED 1,139 3. Nude 3 Drawer Dresser 066127NOASAN AED 10,339 NUDE BEDROOM X INDIGO LIVING Slip into peaceful slumber with the Nude bedroom furniture range. The collection captures timeless elegance complimented with natural curved silhouettes and clean concealed detailing. The design adopts premium quality fabrication and versatility for every home with modular flexibility in mind. Using wood veneers accented with genuine leather provides a luxurious touch whilst maintaining comfort and durability. The light veneer and soft fabrics along curved outlines are complemented with richer hues for added depth and richness. 1 2 3 37 36

YOUR LIFE . YOUR WAY GETTING THE HOME YOU WANT JUST GOT A WHOLE LOT EASIER Copyright © 2022 Indigo Living Limited. All rights reserved. TRIBEBYINDIGO.COM TRIBEBYINDIGO BY INDIGO | Indigo Living's Furniture Rental Expert Answers Your Questions People rent living space, cars, even clothing and now leasing and renting furniture is seeing a resurgence in popularity. The sharing economy is constantly growing and, with it, the demand for rented furniture. This trend is primarily driven by those not wanting to be tied down, unsure of when they’ll be moving countries, prefer to be eco-conscious and yet do not want to sacrifice their interior style. Gloria Cheng our Indigo furniture specialist tells us more about this growing trend and all the benefits it brings. 39

What changes and issues has Covid-19 had on the Furniture rental business? We have noticed the shipping costs have gone up, availabilities to book them are rare and subject to a number of delays. This has meant that people relocating are preferring and opting to lease furniture more , as it is convenient and more cost effective. Also, as a number of expatriates leave Dubai there are now more landlords opting to rent furniture to help showcase their property and make it more appealing on the rental market. Has your furniture rental customer changed in 2021-2022? We have seen an increase in millennials and young couples preferring to rent. For them it’s all about total flexibility and affordability. Most millennials are opting to rent their apartment and prefer practical, functional pieces that are on trend but given smaller spaces, there are limitations to what they can choose. Indigo’s new small apartment living collections offer them what they need without having to compromise on style or budget. Monthly leasing also makes it easier on their cashflow with the option to purchase the pieces at the end of their lease. Which pieces of furniture do you rent out the most? "Most of our clients will go for full house packages, including furniture, kitchenware, electronics and bedlinen. Most people prefer to furnish the whole apartment because it’s hassle-free; this way, their home is ready to move into when they arrive. It’s one less worry when they’re planning their move, especially if they’re coming from overseas." For how long do people normally rent, and why? It really depends on each client’s individual needs. Some rent furniture and household items on a short-term basis – one month or more – and this is often while they wait for their shipments to arrive. Some clients will also rent beds from us on a short-term basis, if they have guests coming to stay, for example. Or they will rent dining chairs and dinnerware from us for parties. Some clients, meanwhile, go for long-term rentals; one year or more. Expats moving to Dubai from overseas will often rent in order to avoid finding that their furniture from home doesn’t fit in their new flat, or to prevent their furniture from being damaged in the shipping process. Landlords often come to us for furniture rentals for their tenants, because individual tenants tend to have such different requirements. Our long-term lease can run in compliance with apartment leases, too. For more information or to get a free personalised quote, contact +971 4 339 7705 or email How much notice do you need? How long does it take to go from someone picking the furniture and ordering it to delivery? We need as little as five working days’ notice. Of course, the earlier you inform us of your delivery and pick-up dates, the sooner we can check availability and reserve your chosen date and time. Our reservation system runs on a first come, first-reserve basis. We offer flexible leasing terms, lease extensions, maintenance services throughout your contract and we can set it all up so you feel at home the moment you walk through the door. All with no minimum monthly rental fee. We can easily work within your budget, and we have a comprehensive team on hand for support. Plus, we offer design consulting services to help you achieve your dream look. And lastly, if you really love your furniture at the end of your contract, we offer buy-back options. How Does it Work? Those interested can enquire through Indigo Living’s site, under Furniture Rental. For short-term rentals, all you need to do is: • Request for order form by email or website. • Let us know your lease term. • Sign the agreement and settle payment. • Confirm your delivery schedule… then leave the rest to us. For long-term rentals: • Contact us and arrange an appointment. • Select the furniture you want – including electronic appliance or window treatment – plus let us know the function of each room and the size of your family. • Our consultant can then do a site inspection with you and guide you in selecting furniture. • Sign the agreement and settle payment. • Confirm your delivery schedule… and leave the rest to us. FURNITURE RENTAL 41 40 Live beautifully DUBAI - LIVING STORE Villa 10 & 11, Umm Suquiem Street 3, Al Wasl Road T: 971 4 328 4503 | DUBAI - LIVING FLAGSHIP STORE Sheikh Zayed Road, Safa Park interchange (Jumeirah side) T: 971 4 346 6934 | DUBAI - LIVING STORE Villa 10 & 11, Umm Suquiem Street 3, Al Wasl Road T: 971 4 328 4503 |