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Ceramic Stool Charity Showcase

Indigo Living have teamed up with The Sovereign Art Foundation to invite four Hong Kong artists to customize one-off, hand painted ceramic stools. The artwork pieces will be auctioned off online in June 1st 2020 till 26th June 2020. 1 of 4 pieces will also be selected for a limited edition production run and will be available throughout Indigo Living stores. All funds raised from both the auction and limited edition run will go to providing expressive-arts workshops for underprivileged children across Hong Kong and Asia Pacific. Here’s a glimpse of a few of the stunning creations commissioned so far.

Dream un-apportioned

Pirate aka Tanya Bennett is an avid trail runner, and spends a large portion of her spare time in the moutains of Hong Kong surrounded by nature. It is in these poetic landscapes that she most inspired , and so with her piece she wanted to weave together snippets from her adventures into an ethereal, dream-like tableau.

PIRATE aka Tanya Bennett Since graduating with a degree in Clothing Design and Manufacturing, specialising in Illustration and fashing advertising. Tanya has been in the field of Art, Design, and marketing for over a decade. Moving from the UK to China in 2007 and then Hong Kong in 2009, Tanya (aka Pirate), has interacted with a huge variety of multi-national companies, each one requiring their own bespoke response to an inherently creative brief.

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Kintsugi No.2

Kintsugi is the ancient Japanese art of mending a broken object with gold. It teaches us that if we choose to embrace our struggles and repair ourselves with love, we become more beautiful for being broken.

JOHN McLennan Founder and Executive Chairman at Indigo Living. Closet Artist and the lead creative behind the beautiful, seasonal collections at Indigo. John's key design influences are travel and other interior design visionaries with his initial foray in architecture during university evolving into a passion for interiors. His arrival to Asia in 1987 helped to shape his world-sensitive design aesthetic. John is responsible for the overall creative directions for Indigo and continues to approve all products and design concepts.

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A modern bright coloured stool inspired by images and references found in traditional chinese porcelain. The seat is a simple abstract pattern featuring the silhouettes of 5 bats joined together signifies 5 blessings: Health, Prosperity, Love , Long Life and a Peaceful Death.

ELEANOR McColl Eleanor McColl is a multi-disciplinary artist, based in Hong Kong. McColl's work is rooted in place with a focus on the urban environment. Her works draw the eye to the often unnoticed details of the city. Through manipulation of focus, she explores the delicate points of contact in the otherwise ceaseless blur of the everyday anonymous citizen. Drawn to the dramatic palate of dilapidation, refurbishment and renewal, her cityscapes explore the interface between Hong Kong's unique verticality and it impacts on its people.

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Hong Kong

This piece aims to highlight one of the most renowned sights in the world; The Hong Kong skyline. The distoted lines combined with the imperfect geometric shapes give the work an almost surrealist feel, a sharp yet distored style inspiered by Hong Kong's vibrant Street Art

ANJALIKA Ybema Anjalika is a 17-year-old art student and was shortlisted for The Sovereign Art Foundation Students' Prize in 2018. Having lived in Hong Kong her whole life she's grown up exposed to a variety of different cultures and perspectives. She typically paints using acrylics or watercolours paints and also enjoys creating digital illustrations.

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The Sovereign Art Foundation is proud to partner with Indigo Living on the occasion of their 40th Anniversary by showcasing the work of local creatives, each of whom has been tasked with transforming a classic ceramic Chinese ‘drum’ stool into a unique and collectable art piece”. The Sovereign Art Foundation (SAF) is a charity founded in 2003 in Hong Kong and now also registered in Guernsey, Malta, Singapore, South Africa and the UK. SAF annually runs The Sovereign Asian Art Prize with the purpose of raising money to help disadvantaged children. Since its inception, SAF has raised over US$9 million for charities and artists worldwide; funding projects using art as education, rehabilitation and therapy. https://www.SovereignArtFoundation.com