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Small Living Room Design Ideas

Jan 28, 2019

Small living room decorating ideas

How To Decorate a Living Room in a Small Space

From Hong Kong to New York, smaller living spaces are becoming the norm as much for the sake of fashion as finances. For some buyers and renters, smaller spaces provide the opportunity to spend their hard-earned money on other necessities, like an education, or luxuries, like travel. For others, a minimalistic way of living is appealing in and of itself as a way to let go of their possessions and focus less on materialistic things. Whatever your reason for moving into a smaller living space, however, the challenge of finding small living room designs that suit your needs is the same.

Thankfully, as tiny homes become more popular around the world, small living room decorating ideas have entered the market in full force. There is now a wealth of ideas and furniture you can choose from to create a personalised living space to relax at home alone, prepare for your next class, attend a video conference, or entertain guests at a small get-together. Here are some ideas we’ve put together to help you decorate your small living room space.

Go Light

Light-coloured rug

Black looks good on almost anything, but when you’re trying to make a space look bigger, dark colours make a poor choice for the floors and walls. Choose lighter and more neutral colours, like white, beige, or grey. You can then add furniture pieces that are black or a vibrant colour to create contrast. One of our favorite light-coloured features to include in a small space is the Grampian Snowfield Rug, and the Cooper Navy Armchair provides a lovely contrast.

Darken the Ceiling

Darkening the ceiling creates depth

While light colours on the floors and walls help to open up a space, darkening the ceiling creates depth. In fact, any treatment to the ceiling is useful, because it draws the eye upwards. Because of this, you may choose to use a flat dark colour, commission a mural, or use wallpaper in a simple but eye-catching pattern. Extra points if the pattern or colour in the ceiling matches with an iconic piece on the floor.

Hang Them High

Shelves help a space not look so cluttered

Another way to draw the eyes upward is to hang shelves as close to the ceiling as possible. This may not seem practical for storage at first, but ultimately most of us have things we store but no longer use regularly. This a great place to display your old trophies, as well as books you have already read but hold on to for sentimental value. If the only things you would store on this shelf are small items, use chests and decorative boxes to store and stack them so that the space does not look cluttered.

Large Mirrors

Mirror help a room seem bright and airy

It may surprise you, but mirrors are an easy and effective way to open up small spaces. This is because mirrors reflect light. This helps to make the room seem bright and airy. If the room does not have a lot of windows or natural light, then you can use an architectural-style mirror to paint the illusion of another window or an extra door. Feel free to finish off the illusion by adding curtains draped to the side. You can use the Mae Rectangle Mirror in our store to create the window illusion.

Light, Airy Fabrics


Heavy fabrics, even when they are light-coloured, absorb light and add their weight to the room. In spacious rooms, this is fine. However, smaller rooms benefit from lighter materials, such as linen, in the windows. Using heavy fabrics so subtracts from the size of a room that many designers recommend not using a window treatment at all, when possible.

Add Creativity and Organisation

Separate your rooms in an open floorplan space

When choosing a design for your living room space, pay close attention to the layout. This is especially important in open floorplan setups, like studio apartments, where spaces are not clearly defined. Seat your living room chairs around a coffee table to separate it from the dining room. You may also put the larger sofa with its back to the dining room to create a separate space. A console table behind the sofa will add additional storage, or use a desk to add another functional area.

Eliminate Clutter

Concealed storage

No matter how much you love your small apartment, one problem you will frequently be faced with is how easily it begins to look messy with just a few items out of place. To prevent this from happening, you will need to stay organised and maximise concealed storage. Consider using stylish wooden creates or plastic storage bins to store your knick-knacks, rather than leaving them about. Remember, the more there are small items scattered about any room, the more cluttered it begins to look.

Show Some Legs

Furniture with legs creates the illusion of more floorspace

Furniture that show a lot of leg also show a lot of floorspace. This creates the illusion of more space in a room than there really is. Key pieces that embody this technique include our Coat Stands and the Sloane TV Unit with 2 Drawers.

Keep It Low

Low furniture like this 1 seater creates the illusion of higher ceilings

The most common way people maximise living room space is by trying to leave as much room open on the floor as possible. However, the perception of space is more than just the ground. Our eyes also take note of the height of the walls and the ceiling. Use lower furniture to create the illusion of higher ceilings. For this, we recommend the Riley Coffee Table and the Genoa 1 Seaters.

Choose Large Rugs

Grampian Snowfield Rug

Some designers differ on whether or not rugs help to open up a space. This is because rugs can break up floorspace, creating a sense of separation that interrupts the fluid openness the room would otherwise have. However, for a small room, one large rug can serve as an accent piece without splitting the room up. This is especially helpful if you have dark floors and would like to lighten them with a light-coloured rug like the Grampian Snowfield Rug.

Make a Statement


Large rugs aren’t the only unlikely additions to a small room that could make it look larger. Remember, too many small pieces make a room look cluttered and disorganised. For this reason, choosing one or two large statement pieces that almost fill the room is better than multiple pieces that serve the same purpose. Using a large sofa like our 3-seater Dylan Sofa as your statement piece is one of the best seating ideas for a small living room.

Combining your big creative ideas and your small space can make for a challenging experience. However, with a bit of creativity and appropriate furniture selections, you can create a stylish and functional space in no time. Even so, not everyone enjoys solving this kind of problem on their own. So, to seek the advice of a professional designer give us a call at +852 2805 5955 and ask about our design services. We look forward to speaking with you soon.