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Practical Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Jan 24, 2019

Feng Shui for your Bed: Orientation, Direction, Mirrors, and More

Practical Feng Shui Tips for Optimising Your Bedroom Energy


According to feng shui experts, the bedroom is one of the most important areas of your home to optimise for energy flow, second only to the front door. The placement of the entire room is important, but the bed itself has a significant role to play in the state of your personal well-being as well as the quality of your relationships. The bed is the piece of furniture that has the most intimate connection to your personal energy as it supports you in your most vulnerable state for approximately one-third of your life.


What follows are some ideas for placement and decoration of your bedroom, and your bed specifically, according to feng shui principles to optimise the energy flow and improve the areas of your life that may be lacking. Remember, these are not hard and fast rules but simply suggestions on how to improve the feng shui of your bedroom. If you cannot implement some or all of these suggestions fully, just do the best you can. Feng shui is not beneficial to you if it is not practical.


Bedroom Decorations


Before looking specifically at the bed, let's first consider how the room is set up and decorated. First of all, maintaining cleanliness and order is an important principle of feng shui regardless of what room you're focusing on, but particularly in the bedroom. Get rid of any clutter and keep windows clean and sparkling, as they are the eyes of your home. Maintain a neat and orderly wardrobe and preserve some extra room within it, if you can.


In feng shui, stuff under the bed is considered a major detriment. The energy needs room to flow around you as you sleep, and it can't do that efficiently if the space under the bed is taken up with items in storage. You should choose a bed with space underneath to allow the energy to flow freely, such as our Indigo Living New Barkley Bed or Ava Grey Bed. It probably goes without saying that, once the bed is set up, you should not clutter up that space by placing any items, large or small, under the bed.


Many people may consider mirrors in the bedroom to be a necessity, but according to feng shui principles, you should not keep a mirror in your bedroom at all because it can be disruptive and overstimulating, preventing you from achieving a restful night's sleep. If you must have a mirror in the bedroom, try to position it so that you cannot see your reflection from the bed, or if that is impossible, cover it while you sleep.


Generally speaking, you should try to avoid metal in your bedroom, especially sharp objects that point toward you as these can channel attacking energy that can compromise you when you're most vulnerable while sleeping. However, some metallic touches may be okay. For example, the aureus accents of this abstract linen wall hanging evoke a lucky gold ingot.


It's important to create a balance around your bed for an even flow of energy, so have two nightstands, one on either side of your bed. It is not necessary that they match exactly, just that they be similar to one another.


The colours you use to decorate your bedroom are also important in feng shui. The colour scheme in your bedroom, from the artwork to the paint on the walls to the bedsheets, should be in shades of soothing skin colours, ranging from chocolate brown to pale white.


The opinions of feng shui experts are divided as to whether or not it is okay to have a TV or other electronic devices in the bedroom. Some say that a TV is okay if it's a flat screen model that doesn't reflect the room like a mirror. Others say that the bedroom should be a no-electronics zone to prevent EMF radiation from interfering with the flow of natural energy, with some even going so far as to recommend that you swap out your electric alarm clock for a battery-powered one.


When in doubt, be practical. Think about it in terms of wants versus needs. If you are one of the many people who need background noise in order to sleep, a TV, radio, or similar device is probably acceptable. Just try not to overdo it with the electronics; don't bring any more into the bedroom than necessary.


Bed Structure and Construction


The bed is the most important element within the bedroom and one of the most significant fixtures of feng shui. Generally speaking, the bed should be comfortable, supportive, and balanced to promote a restful night's sleep and a good flow of energy.


There are many different types of mattresses on the market, made of all different types of material, each offering a different quality of sleep. Feng shui experts do not recommend that you purchase a particular type of mattress or one made from a specific material. Rather, they simply recommend that you choose a mattress that will help you to relax and promote the most restful sleep. They do, however, specifically recommend that you purchase a new mattress rather than a used one, as the previous owners may have channeled energy into a used mattress that may not be helpful to you.


A feng shui bed headboard should be solid, sturdy, and supportive in order to provide you extra strength. Do not choose a headboard with metal slats. Not only are they not aesthetically pleasing, as they look like they belong in a prison, but the weak design leaks away all the supportive energy, and metal isn't the best element to include in the bedroom anyway, if avoidable. Ideally, a feng shui headboard should be made of wood, and if it's upholstered, like our Emerson and Whitney models, that's even better.


Bed Orientation


This may be one of the most important feng shui elements in the bedroom. The bed should be in a command position. It should be on the opposite wall from the door, in a position where you can see the door while lying in bed, but not directly in line with it. It's not just the bedroom door you have to worry about, by the way, but any door: wardrobe doors, bathroom doors, or patio doors as well. It may not be practical to place your bed so that it's not in line with any door, so if you must have your bed facing a door, try to position another piece of furniture between the two to break up the negative energy flow and channel it more constructively.


Living Beautifully According to Feng Shui Principles


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