I originally transferred to Hong Kong with a shipping company in 1996. I was tasked with setting up a Global Account management programme for the Asia Pacific region. My friend, John McLennan (now my business partner at Indigo) was about to embark on new opportunities in the Middle East, so I joined him on this venture.

When I first started out, admittedly it was an 'all-boys club'. I had to push through that barrier, focus on my career as well as balance my life back then as I was a single mum which was challenging at times.

At Indigo Living, we are experts at small apartment living. As apartments get smaller, people are opting for sustainable minimalist home furnishings where every object has multiple functionalities.

Life in Shek O is blissful. It's a place to relax and wind down away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The city is dynamic, fun, and easily accessible, but I find myself relaxing into the beachside lifestyle, it complements my style and values. We love having friends over, We can entertain on our rooftop al fresco, hang out on the beach or grab a coffee or drink at the Back Beach Bar.

The children are finally flying the coop, so downsizing seemed appropriate. In small apartment living, less is more. We opted for a lighter color palette and multifunctional furniture to make the space feel larger. I used Pinterest and looked through magazines to get inspiration.

I recommend people take the free Indigo style Quiz, which helps people identify your style - and Indigo Living also offers a free design consultancy.

JOMO - the joy of missing out is the trend of 2020! It's all about wellness in the home and if staying in is the new going out then why not make your home the best place it can be?

Tracy Fitzpatrick is the CEO of interior furnishing company, Indigo Living. Stores are located across Southside include Replusbay, Cyberport, and Horizon Plaza in Ap Lei Chau.