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New School Year, New Room – Give Your Kid’s Room a Makeover

Jul 30, 2018

Surprise your child and give their room a little makeover to start the brand new school year. Here are some tips on how you can keep their space stylish and organised while making it a haven for restful sleep, imaginative play and productivity.

1. Encourage good study habits

Noah Desk

Keep your kids motivated and instil good study habits by setting up a space dedicated for studying. With its rounded corners and dovetailed drawers, this small and compact Noah desk will conveniently fit into any room while providing an organised place to keep little minds focused on their homework.

2. Show off their books in style

Tipi Bookcase | Cloud Shelf | Tidy Books White Bookcase

Encourage healthy reading habits while keeping the room stylishly organised with the Tipi bookcase or Cloud shelf. They’ll help keep learning materials within reach of tiny hands to promote independence.

3. Create a cosy reading nook

Armchair Bean Bag Pink Raindrops | Armchair Splotches Grey Pink

Make reading fun with a cosy nook for them to snuggle up and devour their books. A comfy bean bag with a throw blanket and some pillows will make up the perfect corner to cuddle up and read. 

4. Have school uniforms ready for the next day

Cloud Single Wardrobe

Keep clothes tidy and have their uniforms tucked away ready for the next day. The Cloud Single Wardrobe adds a stylish yet functional touch while limiting the number of clothes to minimise difficult decision making in the early mornings!

5. Keep school supplies organised

Noah Chest Of 7 Drawers

No more rummaging through deep drawers in search of missing pencils. Keep school supplies organised by labelling drawers and sorting things accordingly with the Noah Chest Drawers. With multiple drawers, there’s space for everything they have!

6. Enjoy a good night’s sleep on a cosy bed

Archie Single Bed

Take the battle away from bedtime and help your growing child get a good night’s sleep with a cosy bed they can snuggle into. The simple, functional design of the Archie Single Bed takes all distractions away and is the perfect fit for even smaller spaces.

7. Pack toys away easily

Play & Go Storage - Panda

Create designated play areas to minimise clutter. The Play & Go storage bag helps set visual boundaries and also makes it easy for children to tidy up after playtime.

8. Jot down important notes on a notice board

Tidy Books Forgetmenot In Dark Grey

Place a notice board near their room entrance or above their study desk to set reminders on important events. This Forgetmenot Notice Board is a handy tool to keep organised for the brand new school year with a magnetic whiteboard, hooks and storage ledge for all their crafts, letters and important dates.

9. Mix and match to combine spaces

Sharing rooms? The Indigo collection takes the headache out of contrasting personalities and makes it easy to mix and match different products while maintaining harmony.  

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