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The Best Furniture for Small Living Rooms

Jan 25, 2019

Best Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces

Here Is the Best Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces

Small living room? Well, the good news is, you’re not alone. Owing in part to the worsening Hong Kong housing crisis, developers are building smaller and smaller units. With this trend in place, many people who leave larger family homes outside of Hong Kong find that often only smaller units are available once they move into the city.

This trend toward living in smaller living spaces has compelled furniture manufacturers to adjust. Thanks to this adjustment, you now have increasingly beautiful and unique selections to turn your small living room into a stylish upgrade. Here are the types of pieces we recommend to live beautifully without sacrificing functionality.

Leggy Furniture

Leggy furniture

You may notice most homes with large living rooms include sofas that conceal the floorspace they occupy. Because of this, they truly seem to fill the space in which they sit. For smaller apartments, choosing leggy furniture that still shows floorspace helps to keep the room feeling open and clear as it allows light to pass through. Furniture pieces that meet this specification include the Cooper Navy Armchair and Riley Coffee Table.

Choose Glass

Glass furniture keeps floors visible

When it comes to ensuring floorspace remains visible, even better than leggy furniture is furniture made of glass. Even when the glass is coloured or tinted, the transparency keeps the floors visible and once again allows light to pass through. As an added bonus, glass furniture is also beautiful. For these reasons, many people purchase glass coffee tables, dining tables and even book shelves for their homes. We recommend the Lucite Acrylic Bar Trolley and the Infinity Console.

Buy Low Seating

Low seating paints the illusion of a high ceiling

Leggy furniture can still be low to the ground, as is often the case for futons and chaise lounges. By keeping furniture low to the ground, you paint the illusion of a high ceiling, which helps to open up the space. A few good examples of furniture that achieves this look is the Monet Armchair and the Vinci Tufted Occasional Chair.

Display Your Artwork

Artwork creates the illusion of a high ceiling

The idea of a gallery wall may seem too busy for a small area. However, if you run the gallery from just over the furniture all the way to the ceiling, it helps to create the illusion of a high ceiling. Pair this with low seating and consider it mission accomplished. Select family portraits to personalise the space, purchase artwork for a more sophisticated look, or if you are an artist, hang your own pieces. Generally, the illusion works best if you place the smaller pieces at the bottom and the largest ones at the top.

Include Mirrors

A decorative mirror brightens the room

Like glass, mirrors help to reflect light. This helps to brighten even the darkest corners in a room, thereby making it seem larger. A more deliberate way to use mirrors to enlarge a room is to create a focal point and angle the mirrors toward that point. This creates the illusion of depth in an otherwise small room. Great ways to include mirrors without being too obvious is to add them to your gallery wall, or purchase furniture pieces that include mirrors, such as some coffee tables or TV cabinets.

Prioritise Storage

Prioritise storage when selecting furniture

One of the first things people think about when moving into a small space is how they’ll get everything to fit. Of course, you’ll have to get rid of a few things, but it’s perfectly possibly to fit all your smaller items if you are organized and prioritise storage when selecting furniture. There are many everyday furniture pieces with storage built in, such as ottomans and even floor lamps. We recommend storage ottomans and the Kelly Hoppen Miro Etagere TV cabinet.

Go for Versatile

Versatile dining table you could also use as a desk

It goes without saying that a great way to minimise how much space you need is to need fewer things. One easy way to accomplish this is to purchase furniture that can double — or even triple — as something else. The storage items mentioned above are good examples of those. However, storage isn’t always the second function. You could choose a couch that doubles as a bed for when you have company or a dining table that you also use as a desk. For this, we recommend the Miller Dining Table Small and the Trabia Light Grey Sofa Bed.

Floating Furniture

Yes, we did say you should go for leggy furniture that’s high enough to show floorspace. However, what takes up even less floorspace is floating furniture. These include options like hanging lights and ceiling fans or even a hammock chair. This helps to reserve space for storage and foot traffic.

Go Big

Large bookcase

The idea of putting large furniture in a small room to make it look bigger might not make much sense at a first glance, but let us explain. The idea to choose smaller furniture is tempting, but then a few months in, you realise you don’t have enough seating, and so you buy another armchair and then another. The problem is, many small items in a room begins to look like clutter. Better to choose the size that suits your need from the start for the most important items and then pair those with smaller furniture choices. For example, if storage is most important to you, you may pair a Soho Bookcase Large with a Turin 2 Seater and smaller items, such as the Morrison Upholstered Ottoman and a Lucite Acrylic Bar Trolley.

Decorating a small space can be a challenging experience, especially as you try to blend style with function. However, if you make it a point to pick up a few tricks, you’ll be living big in your small space in no time. Aside from furniture choices, it’s important to keep the room well-lit and to choose paint colours that are light and neutral. Some designers also encourage selecting some furniture that is the same colour as the wall so that it blends in and reduces the appearance of clutter. While this can be done in any colour, this is most popularly done with white in minimalist designs.

Shopping around for different furniture that meets all these needs can be hectic. To get most of your furniture in one place, visit one of our our 8 Indigo Living stores in Hong Kong or check out our online catalogue. If you would prefer to have professionals assess your living room and design the best small living room furniture arrangement for your space, then please also take a look at our design services. We look forward to hearing from you.