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Indigo Living Blog: Latest Trends on Furniture and Interior Design

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TV Cabinet Shopping Made Easy

Nov 18, 2019

Kennedy TV Cabinet
Furniture featured: Kennedy TV Cabinet

Find the perfect TV stand for your space with these tips

Chances are, you have a TV at home – whether you use it much is another question. But no matter whether you love a Netflix marathon or you simply dip your toe in every now and then to watch a National Geographic documentary, you need somewhere to put your TV, and you probably need a TV cabinet. 

Make your TV-watching experience as chic and comfortable as possible with the help of our insider’s guide to buying the right TV cabinet.

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How to Decorate with Candles

Nov 09, 2019

Forest Tealight candle holder
Furniture featured: Forest Tealight Candle Holder

Use candles and candleholders to complement your look and set the perfect mood

Candles and candle holders make for a lovely finishing touch to your home décor. When they’re not lit, they’re an additional decorative feature you can style with; often they sit at a different height to other home décor elements, creating a sense of dimension and helping you layer your space. Meanwhile, when they’re lit, they will change the mood of your space, creating a mellow, intimate and even romantic vibe. 

Plus they work in almost any room of the home. Use them in your living or dining room when you’re entertaining, in your bedroom or bathroom to create a relaxing atmosphere when you need to unwind (or when you want to get romantic!). They’re especially useful as we approach the festive season: Indigo Living even has glitter candles in red or gold – these are perfect for holiday decorating and entertaining. 

Here are some ideas for decorating your home with candles and candle accessories. 

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How to Create the Perfect Kid’s Study Area

Oct 31, 2019

Indigo Living Study area furniture ideas for Kids
Furnitures featured: Tipi Desk, Elementary Teal Blue Desk Chair and Globe Animals

Set the scene for a homework station your child will love 

Is homework time a struggle for you and for your kids? Maybe what they need is a study area that feels inspiring – there’s a whole science behind adults and how they work more happily and productively in the right environment; it makes sense that the same would be true of children. Here are some tips on how to create a study area that’s fun and focus-oriented. 

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A beginner’s guide to mixing print and pattern

Oct 29, 2019

Using patterns at home with Tribal Zen furniture
Furniture collection featured: Tribal Zen

Love pattern? Here’s how to use it in your home

Graphic patterns are hot, hot, hot, and it’s easy to see why. “Pattern adds vibrance and character to a space,” says Samantha Foaden, Interior Stylist at Indigo Living. “Pattern in accessories allows you to regularly update the look and feel of your space without the huge price tag.”

This season, it’s all about black-and-white ethnic-inspired prints, which are at the heart of our fall/winter Tribal Zen trend. “Tribal Zen was inspired by the ethnic patterns of Africa,” says Foaden. “We used a monochromatic palette with touches of Serengeti ochre and lush greens.” 

But how do you make this trend work for you, in a way that feels chic rather than overpowering – especially if you’re mixing motifs? 

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How to Use this Season's Hottest Hues: Forest Glen Colour Trends

Oct 25, 2019

Forest Glen Furniture Collection Colour Trends
Collection featured: Forest Glen

4 tips for making fall/winter's bold colours work in your home

Woodland shades of forest green, peacock blue, marigold yellow, teal and berry are on-trend this season, and they dominate one of FW19’s key looks at Indigo Living. These rich hues will bring warmth and vibrancy to any home – but they’re shades, so how do you make them work in your space? Read on for our ideas for how to these colours home with effortless style. 

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Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Home Fragrance

Oct 10, 2019

Indigo Living Diffusers and Candles Collection
Décor featured: Indigo Living Diffusers and Candles Collection

How to use candles and diffusers to create the right mood for any occasion

Back when we were cavemen, our sense of smell was a survival tactic. Now, however, despite the fact that we no longer need to sniff out danger, the original connection between scent and brain remains – making fragrance a very handy tool in homes and on our skin. 

The cells that process smells in our noses are connected with the limbic system in the brain, which controls our emotions, our responses and long-term memory. This is why a certain perfume can trigger a memory of a wonderful summer holiday, and it’s why the scent of old books might take you back to your high school library. 

Scent can therefore have a huge impact on your mood – and nowhere is this more important than in the home. How do you pick the right fragrance for you, for your home, and what’s the difference between a diffuser and a candle? These are some of the questions we’ll answer in this story. Keep reading for more home fragrance tips!

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Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

Oct 02, 2019

Cochine Bathroom Fragrance Collection
Décor featured: Cochine Bathroom Fragrance Set

Turn a compact, pokey bathroom into a space you’ll love

Stuck with a small bathroom or powder room? You may not be able to do much to change the space itself, but you can probably fit it out – or at least decorate it – in a way that makes the most of what you’ve got. 

When it comes to capitalising on what’s already there, there are few people as talented as Clinton Cordeiro, Design Consultant for Indigo Living and longtime stylist and visual merchandiser. Here, he gives us his tips on how to design and decorate the small bathroom.  

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Home Office Storage Solutions

Sep 26, 2019

Wood Top Kennedy Desk and Bookcase Home Office
Furniture featured: Wood Top Kennedy Desk

Spotlight on the study: 5 tips for storing your stuff in style 

Whether your home office is in a small nook in a compact apartment or you have space galore, it’s important for this area to be free from clutter – and that’s why good storage matters. Studies show that working in a space that feels orderly and free from mess can reduce stress. With a clean space, you could find yourself with a clean mind… and improved productivity.  

Getting study storage right is no easy feat, though – which is why we have put together our tips on making space: from picking the perfect mix of cabinets, desks, drawers and shelving for the home office to other creative solutions for small spaces. Read on to find out how to make the most of your study, so you can work at your best. 

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Why the Fall/Winter 2019 Collection is Special

Sep 16, 2019

Forest Glen Winter 2019 Collection
Furnitures featured: Forest Glen Fall Winter 2019 Collection

Indigo Living’s top dogs on the Fall Winter 2019 collection, what they like best and how they pick the season’s trends

Indigo Living has just launched its Fall Winter 2019 collection, and it’s a stunner. Packed with vibrant colour, thoughtful details and luxe materials, the new range is perfect for creating rich, layered looks that are set to transform homes, giving them warmth and depth.

No one knows this new collection better than John McLennan, the home furniture brand’s Founder and Executive Chairman, and Tracy Fitzpatrick, its CEO. Here, the duo talk about what they love best about the range, the season’s trends and how to apply them in your home, and they give us insights into Indigo Living’s trend-picking process.  

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Furniture rental story: Everything You Need to Know about Renting Home Furniture

Sep 04, 2019

Living Room Zain Chandelier
Furniture featured: Zain Chandelier

5 minutes with Gloria Cheng, Indigo Living’s resident furniture rental expert

Moving countries? Moving with young children? Starting a short-term lease on an apartment? Waiting on a furniture shipment? These are just some of the situations in which you might want to rent furniture, at least for a while, rather than buying it. 

“For individuals, and for corporate HR and multinational companies moving their staff, Indigo Living can provide a one-stop, seamless solution for individual homes or multi-residential compounds and staff quarters,” says Gloria Cheng, Senior Consultant with Indigo Living’s furniture rental team. “It’s easier to change rental furniture than bought-furniture, and it’s easy to select a furniture style that suits each individual’s personal taste. It’s a hassle-free solution when you move in, and when you move out, of an apartment: Indigo teams will deliver and set everything up for you, including pick-up services.”

Wondering how it works? Here, Gloria explains Indigo Living’s furniture rental process, and what your options are. 

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